Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Burger Eating Contest

Hyperintel - Chilli's Sarinah Eating Contest

On the 15th of March 2011, there's an eating contest at the company where I worked on.  The challenge was to eat TWO Old Timer's Burger (Yes that's the name of the burger) in one hour for male contestant and in one and a half hour for female contestant.

Chilli's "Old Timer's" Burger
The event was located in Chilli's Grill & Bar Restaurant, Sarinah, Jakarta.  Starting from 12.00 AM - 14.00 PM.

These are the contestant (with me looking the other way around).
Here are the list of contestants.  (There's only 6 of us - with one female on board) :
Mumut (a.k.a Rancupid) and Roganda (a.k.a Baban)
Iwan Bagus (a.k.a Ibe) and Me (the one eating vigorously)
This is Hendry (a.k.a Hencun) and Jeffrey (no a.k.a just Jeffrey)
And here are the winners :
Yes, I'm the fastest eater here...
Jeffrey finished second
Hendry finished third
The winners shall win a cash of one million Rupiah if they could ate two burger at the given time or two million Rupiah if they could ate three burger at the given time; and the meals will be paid for them.  There are opening for multiple winner in this contest, we just have to eat the burger (and the fries) in the given time.

The prices vary from Rp.68000 for burgers and Rp.120000 for Fajitas and Steaks.  The price may seems high, but you could buy a portion for two people.  If you came here, do not forget to eat some Buffalo Wings, Nachos and Hotplated Fries.  They all tastes great.  Try it :)

P.S Mumut, thanks for posting my photos in your blog.  :)  I'm pretty amazed seeing on how you review it.  All in all, I'm borrowing a couple of your photo shot in this blog :P  Thanks :P

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  1. it was so great event. and also, great contestant like you.
    i wonder how you could eat two big burgers like that? :-O